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Our history shows how the union of all our employees form the Brazil Melon family, which today has national and international reach in 12 European countries.
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Cultivation – and everything that comes from it – is sustenance, is food, is life! And in 24 years of growing melon and watermelon, our search for excellence is daily, both in field practices and in the capacitation of our personnel, until the product reaches our customer’s tables. We value each process to achieve the best results.

Through hard work, entrepreneurial vision, professional experience and a lot of dedication, the founding agronomists Francisco Vieira and Clemens de Paula began this journey by forming a partnership in a Melon Project in 1997. With the increase in export demand, in 2001, Brazil Melon was founded, a nationally -owned company with headquarters in Mossoró-RN.

And it didn't take long for Brazil Melon to become prominent in the national and international markets, being recognized in 2013, as a highlight of the Brazilian Exports, awarded during the 19th edition of the Foreign Trade Highlight award - for our good practices, investments in technology, constant research, respect for the environment and social commitment. Our dedication to growing fruit builds the future of 800 employees dedicated to direct jobs during the harvest period. Our total area corresponds to 4,500 hectares and annual planting of 1,200 hectares.

For all these reasons, today we are one of the largest fruit companies in the country, producing fruits of excellent quality, meeting the requirements of the main world markets, with greater emphasis on the European continent. But, in addition, we seek to be a reference in the quality and food responsibility in each of our products, ensuring health for your table by taking care of you and your family!

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Every day, Brazil Melon seeks to promote sustainability, whether by structuring its cultivation processes in a harmonious way to the development of nature, or in daily internal practices, the rationalization of water in irrigation and now, in the acquisition of photovoltaic panels that will allow all energy to be completely emitted by the sun, which is clean, inexhaustible and 100% sustainable.

+ Clean energy
+ Water savings in the production of our crops
+ Care for the soil and the quality of crops
+ Take care of yourself through Pesticide Free

Social actions

The real social transformation is what we do together. Care, inclusion, respect and human dignity have always been part of our practices throughout these years of Brazil Melon.

EMPLOYEES AND LOCAL COMMUNITY Taking care of people has always been a hallmark of Brazil Melon over the years, guaranteeing the rights of employees, always respecting labor and environmental laws. It has stood out for its respect and human relationship, not only with direct employees, who are always well assisted through free medical advice and care, but also with external entities that carry out social work in neighboring cities, in addition to support with donations in schools, hospitals and shelters in adjacent communities.

FIGHT COVID-19 We are prominent in the fight against Covid-19, where we invest in adaptations and adequate constructions and structures, hygienic material, in addition to constant guidance on prevention and awareness, so we have the mass recognition of our employees, in addition to external entities such as itself. Ministry of Labor and internationally renowned certifying companies that recognize what we have done and continue to do. We are happy and proud of this recognition.
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Technologies for the soil.

Brazil Melon uses the most modern techniques of soil preparation, with fertilizers that strengthen, protect and conserve the soil, guaranteeing the continuity of its fertility, with crop rotation, organic fertilization and the insertion of beneficial microorganisms to the soil and culture.


Place where we start the plant life cycle, with daily technical monitoring to obtain high quality seedlings that go straight to transplantation.


This process guarantees greater vigor to the plant in its initial phase of growth, preventing the birth ofweeds and also guarantees a reduction in water consumption.


The seedlings are transplanted one by one in a technical and careful way to guarantee uniformity of the plants in 100% of the area in the field.


It protects plants from pests and diseases that affect fruit quality and productivity. It also reduces the use of pesticides, providing the production of healthier products.


After a careful evaluation of maturation, external and internal aspects of the fruit, with brix measurement, they are harvested and transported safely to the Packing House.


At this stage, the fruits are carefully unloaded, immediately undergoing a process ofcleaning, disinfection and sanitization, before direct contact with our packaging team.
Brazil Melon uses the most modern techniques of soil preparation, with fertilizers that strengthen, protect and conserve the soil, guaranteeing the continuity of its fertility, with crop rotation, organic fertilization and the insertion of beneficial microorganisms to the soil and culture.
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